Timelore Episode 3 – Season 2 Pt 1

Welcome to episode 3 of Timelore.

Due to a personal bereavement we’ve been away a little time but now we are back.

In this episode we review the first half of Season 2 of Doctor Who where we ask the important questions – is Ian to fat to fight, Is there some Ian and Barabara dirtiness going on that we are not party to.   All these and more will be explored as we review

Planet of Giants

The Dalek Invasion of Earth

The Rescue

The Romans

The Web Planet

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2 Responses to Timelore Episode 3 – Season 2 Pt 1

  1. I’m absolutely loving this podcast. Its a great idea. Can you start mentioning in the show notes which stories you’ll be covering in the following episode. That way we can keep up with you. Thanks.

  2. Time Lore says:

    That’s a good idea Carlie. I’ll do a post in the next couple of days with those details on


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